Trim-Rite has had a long journey that has lead us to where we are today. From 1950 to today, we have moved to four different places, doubling in size each time. In 2001, we made the decision to construct the perfect facility that would have all of the capabilities and space to maintain our growing business. Take a look through our journey to our state-of-the-art plant in Carpentersville, below. 



1980 - 1991

Schaumburg, IL

Prior to 1980, we were located in Boston.

Trim-Rite Food Corporation was founded as an independent custom pork boning business in 1980, with a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Schaumburg, IL. Trim-Rite’s main business at the time was to supply custom trimmed pork to the Oriental restaurants on the East Coast.  This positioning put Trim-Rite closer to the fresh meat supply.  As the business grew, Trim-Rite began to supply customers all throughout the Midwest and East Coast in all areas of the meat business. The increased customer base dictated that we move into a larger facility to handle the growing business.




1991 - 2001

Addison, IL

In 1991, Trim-Rite moved to a 37,500 square foot building in Addison, IL. Trim-Rite successfully began to fill the Addison plant with new business and began to ship products all over the world. As Trim-Rite’s domestic and international business grew, it again became apparent that more space was needed. This further growth forced Trim-Rite to move into a larger facility.




2002- Now

Carpentersville, IL

In 2001, we began constructing the perfect , state-of-the-art plant. We constructed this facility from the ground up. This 76,000 sq. ft. is beautifully tucked away by the river. We contain everything in the plant so that no smell or garbage is omitted to our neighbors. Trim-Rite, Inc. is ran on our own in-house generators. We were the innovators in modern food safety. When building this plant, we had renovations in mind. It is purposely designed to be expandable in the future so that we will not have to relocate.